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July 5, 2015

Mandaue Presidencia

The completed facade lighting scheme by Luminance Inc. has transformed what was once a dull old building commonly taken for granted by passersby into a dramatic eye-catching heritage site that people can enjoy at night.

A Heritage Site Rich with Local History
Having withstood over seven decades of rich local history, the Mandaue Presidencia is not just Mandaue City’s seat of power but is also an iconic heritage site. The building itself is of middle-American design, first constructed on 1935 with an L-shaped floor plan. Two years later, on September 12, 1937, the building was first inaugurated during the incumbency of then Cebu Governor, Sotero B. Cabahug.

During the second world war, the Mandaue Presidencia was used as a garrison by Japanese Imperial Forces. After the war, the building underwent reconstruction where a left and right wing as well as a second floor were added, transforming the original L-shaped floor plan into an E-shaped floor plan. On March 19, 1975, the building was inaugurated as Mandaue City’s new city hall.

Now at 75, the Mandaue Presidencia is a heritage site protected by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. The present building has a water fountain on its left side which features a statue of Hon. Sotero Cabahug, also known as “Mandaue’s greatest son.”

Creating Drama with Facade Lighting
The complete facade lighting scheme for the Mandaue Presidencia, designed by Luminance Inc., was completed on October 20, 2012. The project included the installation of outdoor LED lighting for both the facade of the building and the huge water fountain with Sotero Cabahug’s statue.

The lighting scheme was designed to showcase the beauty of this heritage site and highlight the entire building at night. Since its completion, the brightened vicinity has drawn a number of people. People now visit the building at night; some taking pictures of the beautiful structure, others simply spending time in the area and admiring the wonderful view.

Energy Efficiency with LEDs
For the lighting design, Luminance Inc. utilized state-of-the-art lighting technology— a total of 92 units of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting fixtures. LEDs offer a number of benefits unmatched by other types of luminaires or electronic light sources including: high energy efficiency and huge energy savings, very low failure rate, environmentally safe, and a very long lifespan.

In fact, the LED lighting fixtures used in the Mandaue Presidencia’s facade lighting design are estimated to last up to 20 plus years with more or less 6 hours of use per day.