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Government units are responsible for building facilities— such as street lights— that contribute to the quality of life in their communities. Proper street lighting and other public lighting facilities have a lot to offer to the public aside from its apparent functionality of promoting road safety. Recent studies and research now focus on the correlation of proper street lighting and crime opportunities.

Vehicular Accidents

Car travel is significantly lesser after daylight hours, yet a large percentage of serious and fatal road accidents — involving vehicles, pedestrians and other vulnerable road users — occur in this period. This is primarily due to the significant decrease in visibility at night.

Crime on the streets

There are quite a number of crimes within the influence of street lighting. These include assault, mugging, auto crimes, and burglaries. Incidence of these crimes is significantly higher in urban and other open public areas with little or no lighting.

Luminance Lighting Solutions for the Public

Here at Luminance Lighting Solutions, we provide lighting designs that promote sustainable urban development. Our effective lighting solutions offer government units and the communities they serve sustainable economic growth, good governance, energy efficiency and sustainability, environmental protection, and overall, a better quality of life.

Maximized Economic Efficiency

Our lighting programs for government units are designed to offer consolidated and swift implementation of the lighting project that can translate to huge project savings that can be positive cash flow in a shorter period of time. Furthermore, as energy efficiency is improved, more available electricity is freed up for distribution, benefiting the community as a whole.

Better Quality of Life

Through effective and proper lighting, quality of life is improved through better security in the streets and in the community.

Improved Visibility

Adequate street lighting promotes safety for drivers, pedestrians and other road users. Furthermore, intersections and highway interchanges that are properly lighted have fewer incidences of vehicular accidents.

Reduced Incidence of Crime

Street lights and other forms of public lighting can reduce crimes by increasing visibility in roads and other open public areas. Possible offenders will view this as a deterrent as improved lighting increases the chances of being identified or interrupted in their criminal activities.

Increased Street Usage

Street usage is increased through improvements in street lighting, thereby increasing informal and natural surveillance. As a result, this will deter offenders from committing a crime as it increases the risk of being caught attacking personal or property targets.

Reduced Fear of Crime

People have a better perception of an environment improved by proper lighting. This positive image is shared by pedestrians and residents, and the area becomes used by a larger portion of the community. This will lead to more activity in the locality, reducing the risks and the fear of crime.

Healthier Environment

“Green” technologies promote a cleaner and healthier environment. These products do not contain toxic materials like hazardous mercury and halogen gases nor do they emit ultraviolet rays, infrared radiation, or any electromagnetic interference that could be harmful to the community.

Improved Community Confidence

Proper street lighting is a highly noticeable sign that local authorities are investing on public safety and community improvement. This will reduce any lingering perception of neglect and promote community confidence.