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Homes, establishments, and institutions in our current time require and consume increasing amounts of energy. The progressing development of technology that aid in the implementation of our daily tasks or work also escalates the energy requirement. The rapid increase in energy consumption would equate to the rapid depletion of our non-renewable sources for energy mainly our fossil fuels. This means that it not only leads to the inevitable destruction of our planet, it also means that the costs of our energy consumption will also increase thus affecting our financial welfare.

Several ways of addressing this problem were presented but very few implement it. Conservation efforts paired with concrete proof testifying to the actions taken in the pursuit of the environmental cause being championed is what we envision as visible sustainability.

Renewable energy is a pillar of visible sustainability. Sunlight, an abundant alternative renewable energy source, could ultimately substitute our current sources of energy. The utilization of Solar Photovoltaic systems will be inevitable.

Why wait? Luminance Inc. will help you achieve visible sustainability through our Rooftop Solar PV Systems. Installing these systems on buildings satisfy the energy requirement of the buildings that not only saves our financial situation and our environment.

Fortunately, Luminance Inc. is willing to invest in your building by installing a solar PV system without any upfront costs to you. In return, you will lease the system at a fixed cost. Having a PV system in your building will not only lower your electricity bills it also helps businesses gain corporate sustainability and enhance brand image, and save households from increasing utility costs.