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December 4, 2015

Tacloban: Leading the way towards visible sustainability for LGUs

Our environment is dying right under our noses. We may not see it but it is happening. Several movements and advocacies have been done in the hopes of contributing to the preservation of our land but sadly, some of these are merely claims and words will not in any way help our condition.

Fortunately, there are those that are taking concrete and visible actions that testify their commitment for saving the environment. While others claim that they are practicing sustainability, the City of Tacloban showed it right where it could be seen. The kind of action that is visible and concrete paired with actual results that conserve energy and preserve nature, the kind that Luminance Inc. calls Visible Sustainability.

The Typhoon-ravaged City of Tacloban has retrofitted their street lights with LED technology with the aid of Luminance Inc. making it the first LGU to have LED retrofitted street lights in all major streets. These new Energy Efficient Light (EEL) is a testimony of their conservation efforts to save mother earth. The EEL lessens the environmental impact of the street lights by decreasing the energy it consumes. The street lights, being a massive operation for LGUs, would amount to an enormous amount of energy saved. Less energy consumed means less greenhouse gas emissions aiding the preservation of our planet.

Tacloban City’s example is one worthy of replication. Street lighting is a major source of energy consumption for LGUs. Considering the situation they were in and still being able to implement a concrete plan for energy efficiency is certainly admirable. If done in a larger scale not only in Tacloban City, we could truly save our planet. Tacloban City is radiating change and truly leading the way towards visible sustainability for LGUs.